About Just Laravel

Just Laravel is about about a php framework Laravel. Just Laravel was started by myself Avinash Nethala on April 15th, 2016 with an intention to share my little knowledge which I have on laravel.

After few weeks of the launch, i found that people are showing some positive response to my posts. They message to Just Laravel facebook page and requests to post some tutorial, in couple of days i post that tutorial and their response made me feel glad that its helping someone, which gave me a great energy to continue with the work, and am still continuing with it.

For every tutorial i post here, i made all the code available on my github account and also provide a demo for each post and even post some videos which explains about the code or about the working demos. You can find all the social network links below.

Some of the Videos

You can see all of Just Laravel's videos at youtube channel or can view in this site itself here.

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