Visualization of data using highcharts in laravel

Here we ‘ll look at visualization of data using highcharts. Generally data visualization presents the data in graphical or pictorial format so it helps the readers to easily understand the data. provides with a lot of different types of charts – line, area, bar, column, pie and many more. Here we ‘ll implement line chart with required data fetched from database.

Working Demo      Project on Github

In this example we show yearly sales of 10 different companies, the database table can be found here.

The model file will look like,

First we get all the data from database and then convert the highcharts javascript code to php and pass the data to the view so the visualization of data can be seen.

We get data of each company seperately,

We get all the company names,

Now we push all the company names to an array so as to pass this array to highcharts

Now we push each of  the company sales details into array,

Now we push each  of this array into an array so as to pass this data to highcharts,

Working Demo      Project on Github

Passing name and data for series array in highcharts.

Now we pass some data like chart title, x-axis name, y-axis name to highcharts.

We pass this chartArray to welcome view.

In the view, we simply pass this array to highcharts.

Working Demo      Project on Github

The output of our visualization

Data visualization using highcharts –

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