Custom Authentication with validation in laravel

In previous post, we discussed about custom authentication in laravel, here we ‘ll add one more cool feature of this elegant framework, which is validation.

Working Demo      Project on Github


Validation rules

We ‘ll here add some validation rules to login and register forms from previous post.First lets list out the rules we want.
Validation rules for signup form:

We have three fields in our form – email, username and password, validation rules for them are

  • email valid, unique and its a required field
  • username unique, contains only alpha numeric characters, minimum of 4 characters and its a required field
  • password minimum of 6 characters, it should match the conform password field and its a required field

these rules are defined as,

Validation rules for signin form:

Actually we does’t need any rules for login form, as it only checks the credentials from database and returns an error if the credentials are not found, that’s enough rather than showing errors like username should be 6 characters , alpha numeric…. However if we want rules, we can define some rules like the signup rules above.

In this application, we don’t even need ‘required’ rule as we used html required attribute in our form.

If the validation fails, we ‘ll redirect to the same form with errors,

Then it will return to form, there we can display the errors the way we want,

Working Demo      Project on Github

Now when we fill our signup form with errors, it shows the errors – see the screen shots below,

justLaravel – Custom Authentication with validation
justLaravel – Custom Authentication with validation


Working Demo      Project on Github

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